One of our favourite spots in the world

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ianuarie 21, 2017
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august 6, 2017

Turks and Caicos or TCI it is one of our favourite spots in the world.

We have been there several times, and each time we visited the main island Providenciales (Provo). Why we like it and return each year? No doubt one of the best kiteboarding spots in the Caribbean. Few tips about this place:)

First of all it’s fairly easy to get there, daily flights are from Miami, New York, Atlanta and and a British Airways flight via Anguilla from London can take you there. Flights from other Caribbean islands are also available (lately Cuba). Check some flights here

It’s a big island and you have a wide selection of hotels and apartments to match anybody’s budget. Take a look here and find your own amazing place to stay:

Don’t worry about food; plenty of restaurants to choose from. On this matter you can check the magazine where you can find all the restaurants of the island (they have the magazine in all the hotels and rentals of the island). From time to time we enjoy a very informal place on the beach called Somewhere where you can get great Mexican food and live music. Sushi downtown not bad or check out Coco Bistro restaurant for a gourmet dinner. If you feel like having a threat in a less formal environment stop in the Coco Bistro car park at Coco van. Cannot miss a visit to the conch farm at Bugaloows. If you want to stay in for the night, stop by the grocery store in town and find all you need to make a great dinner at your place. Lobster season is from August to March!

Grace bay was named best beach in the world by Tripadvisor travellers in 2016 and it’s where most of the biggest hotels are located.

Because kiteboarding is our thing, we chose to stay on the windy side of the island, the great Long Bay beach. The beach is great not just for kiteboarding; I personally enjoy long walks in the morning before breakfast, while my wife is out kiteing. For the sport lovers the wind is quite good all year long except September and October. Flat and shallow waters for kilometres so you can practice your tricks or if you want to learn the sport just have lessons. Good thing about long bay is that you can enjoy it also during summer time cause is not too hot (cannot say the same thing for Grace Bay). We’ve enjoyed the island in August a few time and it was not bad. Hotter then in winter, but still windy.

Really enjoyable the Wind Vibes festival that take place there in July. If you need any tips regarding kiteboarding talk to our good friend Mike of Kite Provo. Wind Haven villa is where we usually stay in Long Bay. we love it because its a beautiful place and you also have the little details that makes a kiter life easier: compressor, self landing pole...It is right on the beach which makes really easy to have a beer break break.

Any accommodation you choose on the Long Bay beach is good for kiteing because when you are out on the water your family can enjoy, the beach, the villa, and the holiday rest. We know that this is difficult to find around the world, as we kiters know.

If you have any questions about this island, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.