Marriott Hotel Momi Bay Fiji

One of our favourite spots in the world
august 2, 2017

We stayed in Marriott for 2 nights on our way to Tonga.

We choose this hotel because we heard is new even if it was far away from the airport and we had a very early flight.

The hotel is new, and that's nice, with the rooms around a lagoon and some artificial beach. Do not pay for the laguna front because it doesn't have any sense. You are on a water that attracts the mosquitos and you see the back of the restaurants plus everybody can see in your room. This being said, the rooms are decent size, not very careful with the details and a very cold design.

The food is surprisingly good, we had lunch in the Fish Bar from where you can see the ocean and the sunset and dinner at the Laguna House. The lunch was good, plenty of fish option and the dinner more casual with pizza and hamburgers.

What can they improve? The service!
That needs fast improvement because lack completely.

We arrived late and stayed in the lobby to have a beer and some snacks. We had to call them a lot of times to come and serve us, the attitude was not great and at 22.01 they told us that they closed at 22.00, so we had to insist. For breakfast i ordered some coffe in the room, and after 45 min i called to see what is wrong. They just told me that they don't have almond milk like i requested and thats all. So finally after one hour i got my coffe. At lunch, they told us to go to the Fish Bar because its open until 4 but when we got there they say that its not true so we should hurry. They continue to look at their watch all the time we were there and forgot the things we ordered. The dinner was ok, but slooowly...

What to say that we put the do not disturb sign on the door because we were jet legged and they called in the room to ask when we are going to leave so they can clean?! If you found the sign on the door this means i sleep so please, do not call me to ask me when i want you to clean!

Really enjoyable the Wind Vibes festival that take place there in July. If you need any tips regarding kiteboarding talk to our good friend Mike of Kite Provo. Wind Haven villa is where we usually stay in Long Bay. we love it because its a beautiful place and you also have the little details that makes a kiter life easier: compressor, self landing pole...It is right on the beach which makes really easy to have a beer break break.

For the other nights that i will have to spend in Fiji transiting, i will try a different resort.

If you have any questions about this island, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.